Root Canal Treatment


You want to keep your teeth for a lifetime. However, disease (cavities) or accidents can damage your teeth or their roots, and then endodontic treatment (root canal treatment) may become necessary.

What is a root canal treatment?

In a root canal treatment inflamed or dead nerve tissue is first removed from inside the tooth. This hollowed out cavity is then thoroughly cleaned to the root tip and disinfected to remove bacteria and other pathogens. Root canals are performed with modern, flexible instruments made of a special nickeltitanium alloy.
Simultaneously, root length is determined by an integrated device which can establish the length of the root by constantly measuring the length of the electrical resistance.
The hollowed out area is treated with various rinsing and disinfecting solutions. This helps in removing any remaining root tissue still located under debris and kills any leftover bacteria. In order to eliminate with certainty all the germs in the root canal system before the filling of the root canal cavity, disinfection by means of laser (neodymium: YAG laser) is performed.

Finally, the prepared tooth root is treated with a bacteria-proof thermoplastic root filling of gutta-percha, an elastic natural material. This modern form of root canal treatment is a proven safe and successful method.

We take time for you ...

The complete treatment of a molar with 3 to 4 root canals is time-consuming and usually takes 2 to 3 hours, spread over several sessions.