Aesthetic Preservative Dentistry

Composite reconstructions: natural in appearance and function.

Composite fillings consist of a mixture of fine glass, quartz and ceramic particles, all of which are embedded in a plastic mass.

Our practice utilizes composites solely from renown manufacturers (Venus, Heraeus Kulzer), comparable with the quality of ceramic inlays due to the high proportion of glass and ceramics contained in their materials (61%). Composite fillings are clearly the better alternative to standard fillings, which are usually comprised of amalgam or glass ionomer cement.

Composite fillings are characterized by excellent aesthetics. The filling appears to be part of the tooth and has a natural appearance. Compared to cement, composite fillings are very durable and stable. Unlike inlays (ceramic) and fillings done with amalgam, the remaining healthy tooth structure can largely be spared and preserved. Compared to laboratory-made prosthetics (inlays, partial crowns) treating teeth with synthetic fillings requires less time and results in savings.