High-quality all-ceramic restorations


To meet your aesthetic demands in oral surgery, we offer individual and high-quality solutions. Depending on the situation and the patient's request, we generally provide metal-free replacements, in that the fixed denture is made entirely of ceramic (Emax, zirconium oxide crowns).


If defects in the dental enamel (caused by cavities, abrasions or trauma ) are substantial and permanent stability cannot be rectified with fillings, a crown is often necessary.

All-ceramic bridges

A fixed bridge can close a tooth gap, a comfortable and aesthetically sophisticated process.
Artificial teeth in the bridge (pontics) replace the missing teeth, the adjacent teeth are used as supporting pillars. .


Misaligned (uneven) teeth or a gap between teeth in the front of the mouth (the anterior region) can be corrected with ceramic veneers utilizing a direct or indirect method.

Telescope prosthesis

Telescopic dentures are an aesthetic and comfortable restoration alternative for the partially
edentulous or remaining teeth when a fixed restoration with crowns and bridges is no longer possible.
The remaining teeth serve as a mounting base for so-called “double crowns” (telescopic crowns), a removable prosthesis.
The first crown is fixed onto the tooth, the second crown is seated in the prosthesis and, upon insertion, slides over the first crown.
Unattractive metal brackets cannot then be seen.