Implantology Unterschleißheim Dentist and Implantologist Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Heinrich Middelmann


An implant is an "artificial tooth root“ introduced into the bone of the upper or lower jaw. It then serves as an anchor for a removable or fixed dental restoration.

The most advanced implants are primarily made of titanium. A proven and adaptable material that is also applied in general medicine, it connects extremely well with the jawbone to make a permanent bond (osseointegration) and is biologically compatible.

Numerous studies have demonstrated that implants, with regular care, last for many years. The vast majority - about 94 percent - are still in excellent condition after ten years, and after fifteen years 90 percent remain intact.

Indispensable for the long durability of implants is the optimal integration of the structures (superstructures) with the opposing teeth and excellent oral hygiene and care.

Cost: implants are - with few exceptions - not covered or subsidized by the public health insurance plans.

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“Steady, friendly and efficient , a great team. You look forward to going there”.
Complete satisfaction for 20 years!
“Complete satisfaction for 20 years! „We have been going to Dr. Middelmann for twenty years. Our grown children, 21 and 24 years old, have not ever had any dental problems. This is due to preventive treatment. We especially appreciate the reminder notices, as it reminds us of our annual appointments. We get appointments quickly and spend very little time in the waiting room, it‘s not worth paging through a magazine! We also appreciate the collegial atmosphere , you sense the mutual respect and team work.”
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“The practice of Dr. Middelmann is highly recommended. The service is impeccable. You are always comfortable. ”