Equipment and Technology

We do more than fill cavities and make crowns, we create teeth.

Our facilities are equipped with the latest technology and meet the highest standards

    Our dentists utilize magnification glasses
    Intraoral cameras for each dental chair.

    Digital volume tomography (DVT) renders three-dimensional X-rays
    for precise and safe implant positioning.

    Laser Technology

    Laser technology is used not only in internal medicine, but also applied in the following areas of dentistry: cavity diagnosis, elimination of bacteria in root canals, as an aid in periodontal therapy, treatment of canker sores, mouth ulcers (aphthous stomatitus) and herpes, as well as for minor surgical procedures such as the severing of the frenulum

    Nitrous Oxide (“Laughing Gas”) Sedation

    A visit to the dentist can cause anxiety in many people – does treatment cause you a great deal of stress?

    Patients sometimes experience a gag reflex during a dental visit which can complicate the treatment. The good news is that sedation with nitrous oxide calms patients while also keeping them fully conscious. Discovered in the nineteenth century and still in use today, nitrous oxide not only relaxes the patient but also has an analgesic effect and alleviates the strong gag reflex.

    It is applied with a small nasal mask through which you breathe a mixture of oxygen and nitrous oxide that puts you in a very pleasant relaxed state. Simultaneously, you remain conscious and fully responsive. After treatment, the effects of nitrous oxide wear off within 5 minutes and you are able to leave the practice without any assistance. The latest technology and specially trained personnel ensures that the use of this procedure is extremely safe.